OS X 10.4.9 not so hot ?

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Thu Aug 30 19:02:34 BST 2007

> Now I get panics, not so much when using it, but as often as not when  
> it's idle but I suspect only when I've done something in particular  
> Before going into detail has anybody else had similar experiences ?

I had the same symptoms on a PowerBook, but in my case it turned out to
be a dying drive. Got a new drive and it worked fine. If I were you I
would try doing a complete re-install first on the existing drive.... but then
the way I use laptops they have almost nothing installed on them aside from
the base OS, so this is not a biggie for me. If you have a lot of stuff on
there then I can see you migyht be reticent to do this.


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