Forget? I didn't forget!

Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Aug 6 14:03:48 BST 2007

And the subject line is not just talking about me not sending out a  
reminder of the forthcoming Manchester BSD User Group meeting - 7th  
August, Briton's Protection, 7:30pm, for which this message will soon  
revert to being a formal announcement of - it's a line I expect to  
hear a lot of tomorrow given that only two regular attendees wished  
me a Happy Birthday last Friday.

And whilst one was assisted by Facebook (which just makes him  
*coooool*), the other... I can barely bring myself to saying it...  
the other was reminded by Outlook.

The shame he has brought upon this family! We'll never speak of it  
again. I have no son, do you hear? I HAVE NO SON!

The rest of you all owe me cake and jelly.

Now, onto business.

What? Who?

The Manchester BSD User Group is a group of Unix enthusiasts, users,  
developers and systems administrators who meet once a month in a pub  
in central Manchester.

It's a friendly/social event and we don't do talks or presentations.  
It's a chance for people to meet up and find out what's going on  
within the industry or in our mad/bad personal projects.

In the past, conversations have covered a wide range of technical  
topics, so if you're interested in the kind of tech that you can pull  
apart and put back together again (even when you're not meant to, say  
in the case of a family pet perhaps), you'll find somebody interested  


The Briton's Protection pub on Great Bridgewater Street, in central  
Manchester. We normally occupy a large-ish area in one of the rooms  
around the back, but if the evening is warm & dry we may head out to  
the beer garden (if it's open).

The Briton's is a traditional English pub with real ale, quality  
lager, a range of soft drinks and an excellent selection of crisps. I  
believe they do food of a high quality, but don't know what time they  
stop serving.


We always meet on the first Tuesday of each calendar month. The next  
meeting is on Tuesday the 7th August, and the meeting after is  
currently planned for the 4th September. We normally drift in to the  
place around 7:30pm, and most people drift off sometime between 9pm  
and 10pm.


Feel free to post queries to manchester at or you can  
contact me directly. If you want directions to help find us, or need  
a mobile number in case you get lost, just get in touch.

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