BBC, RealPlayer and FreeBSD

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Apr 26 21:32:02 BST 2007

sam pikesley wrote:
> It's not the most elegant solution, but it works (more reliably than 
> realplayer, in my experience). Now if somebody has a good idea about 
> how to make Firefox invoke this when I click on a .ram link, I'd be 
> very interested to hear about it...
Surely Firefox is just opening realplayer, right? So how about:

ln -s mplayer realplayer


Or if realplayer expects different arguments/format of arguments, write 
a small wrapper script that converts over to mplayer and calls it would 
be my guess. Shouldn't take more than a few lines, but I've not got any 
way of playing with audio on FreeBSD whatsoever here right now.

Paul Robinson

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