Christopher Dawkins cchd at felsted.essex.sch.uk
Thu Apr 26 17:45:43 BST 2007

>>> The only advantage I could find for running Ubuntu instead of FreeBSD
>>> was a reliable Flash plugin for Firefox. (If you happen to have a
>>> clue about how to do this in FreeBSD, I'd love to hear about it).


>> I got stuck in a bit last night and got linux-firefox and
>> linux-flashplugin9  working, but with no sound (?) and
>> it crashed after about 30 seconds :(

Exactly the same here.

> I can't help wondering whether there is a way (using the firefox video
> downloader in the case of youtube, for example) to launch those absolutely
> must see flash clips outside of the browser.

I have two (out of ten) machines running Ubuntu, largely because of the
Flash problem and the need to cater for other users - personally, I can do
without. On one of the Ubuntu machines I have been fighting an insoluble
printing problem (the solution I now plan to apply is to eliminate CUPS
- this has usually been my solution to this problem in FreeBSD!).

The Flash problem is of course because too many people believe
Macromedia's figures that 98% of users have Flash. I have recently
encountered two WinXP machines with non-functional Flash, and I reckon 80%
might be a more realistic figure. And 5% a more desirable one :)

But, the world being the way it is, the lack of up-to-date Flash is a
significant problem for us desktop FreeBSD users.

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