Manchester BSD User Group - May

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Apr 26 13:26:04 BST 2007

The next Manchester BSD User Group meeting is this coming Tuesday, May 1st.

Communists and Pagans amongst you will be aware that this coincides with 
International Workers' Day or May Day respectively. As such, this 
month's meeting will include the following:

- Going on strike! Well, for as long as it takes to sing a satirical 
version of The Red Flag, anyway

- Morris dancing, as led by Bob using bags of crisps in lieu of bells on 
the knees and pint glasses in place of sticks

- Offerings to the great daemon 'init' from which all the (BSD) World is 

- Cider. Please beware of the John after three pints.

- BSD May Queen. This year the tipsters can't call between Richard and 
Paul Johnston: whoever is wearing the nicest dress on the night will 
clinch it

- Fertility rites: get the commands to burn your own FreeBSD ISOs 
tattooed onto your forearm

- Maypole dancing: actually, it'll be a bar stool, and it'll be more 
like stumbling rather than dancing, but it's the thought that counts

- The Green Man: a man covered in vegetation will walk through the city 
centre as part of a traditional ceremony before arriving at The Briton's 
Protection. Actually, it'll just be me without having a shave for a few 
days and some mouldy kebab juice in my beard and on my clothes, but 
it'll look almost the same

I am of course making all of this up[*]. Unless people *really* want to 
do any of these things, we will as usual sit around talking nonsense at 
each other about what we've been up to in the way of systems 
administration and weird development.

[*] Except for the bits about cider and kebab juice, probably.


The Manchester BSD User Group is a group of people who meet once a month 
in a pub in central Manchester. It's a friendly/social event and we 
don't do talks or presentations. We chat about various technical things 
that matter to us, but mostly it's a chance for people to hang out more 
than anything


The Briton's Protection pub on Great Bridgewater Street, in central 
Manchester. We normally occupy a large-ish area in one of the rooms 
around the back, but now the evenings are getting lighter if it's warm 
and sunny we may head out to the beer garden.

The Briton's is a traditional English pub with real ale, quality lager, 
a range of soft drinks and an excellent selection of crisps. I believe 
they do food of a high quality, but don't know what time they stop serving.


We always meet on the first Tuesday of each calendar month. The next 
meeting is on Tuesday the 1st May, and June's meeting will be held on 
the 5th June. We normally drift in to the place around 7:30pm, and most 
people drift off sometime between 9pm and 10pm.

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