Admin Job at Oxford University.

Josef Karthauser joe at
Wed Apr 25 15:46:40 BST 2007

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Hey people,

Long time no write me!  I've been busy in non-FreeBSD land doing a PhD
in theoretical physic; almost done.....

It's been brought to my attention that Oxford Uni's theoretical physics
department are looking for a sys-admin to set up a new MacOS-X cluster
for them, and work on a full-time basis.  I thought that it might be of
interest to someone here.  If it is check out,

and let me know how it goes.

How are things?  I've not read the list for ages.  Oh, and sorry about
yesterday; I don't know if you noticed, but the list-mail was down for a
while.  My network provider (Bulldog) decided to cancel my service
without warning and left me up shitcreak... bah!  Luckily I managed to
pursuade a friend to house my server elsewhere until I can get a new
connection installed.


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