USB Hard Drives

James O'Gorman james at
Tue Oct 31 20:16:55 GMT 2006

Stephen Allen wrote:
> I bought a 3.5" 100Gb Hitachi 2.5" drive and an external (VAIO) casing,
> for the following reasons:

A 3.5" 2.5" drive? Sounds like it's confused :-)

Thanks for the suggestion, but I tend not to touch Hitachi products.
Whenever we get a batch of Hitachi disks at work they die within a
month, and their software is even worse (we have the misfortune of using
JP1, something that looks like it was written for Windows 3.0 and
crashes about as often).

Isn't 7200rpm a bit of a power drain? What about heat/noise/vibration?


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