Boot fail, please help!

Michael Abbott michael at
Thu Oct 26 16:10:19 BST 2006

> I think I need to edit fstab to remove the drive, but now nothing I am 
> familiar with is available to do that with! Neither ee nor vi are 
> available (not found) and the folders appear empty - I guess it is to do 
> with booting in some single user mode? Or the wrong shell? I chose the 
> default /bin/sh

In single user mode you only mount the root file system, and a typical 
partitioning puts /usr separate from /.  All the useful editors (ee, vi, 
sed) are in /usr/bin.  You do have ed in /bin, or alternatively you can 
simply run
 	# mount /usr
to get access to /usr/bin.

I seem to remember that single user mode mounts / read only?  If so 
(damn, my memory is rusty) you may have to do something like
 	# mount -o rw /

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