Boot fail, please help!

Dominic Marks dom at
Thu Oct 26 16:06:12 BST 2006

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 16:01:23 +0100
"Mervyn Passmore" <mpassmore at> wrote:

> I asked a question about a failing hard drive last week, but before I had a
> chance to deal with it we had a power cut here in Brighton! The power is now
> just back on.
> Now my server will not boot, as it fails to get a satisfactory response from
> my failed slave hard drive.

More info?

> I think I need to edit fstab to remove the drive, but now nothing I am
> familiar with is available to do that with! Neither ee nor vi are available
> (not found) and the folders appear empty - I guess it is to do with booting
> in some single user mode? Or the wrong shell? I chose the default /bib/sh

Only / is mounted. You will need to mount /usr first.

> Can anyone tell me how to edit fstab, or how to boot into normal mode so I
> can get started?

Once you have /usr mounted, and it may need a fsck first,
re-mount / as read-write with:

mount -u -o rw /

Then modify your fstab as required.


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