Freebsd-users digest, Vol 1 #2101 - 2 msgs

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Oct 24 18:58:32 BST 2006

On 24 Oct 2006, at 17:26, ed joyce wrote:

> I would be up for doing a pub meet in London - but
> Brighton is too far.

By that reckoning, I think everybody should come to Manchester.

The point of doing a meetup is that some of us have to travel. Don't =20
feel bad that if you want to attend you have to jump on a train for =20
an hour. Brighton really isn't far from central London if you get the =20=


> Also I am looking to take on a programmer who knows
> LAMP/BAMP. This is London based 20 hrs a week for =A3600
> - =A31000 per month. It might suit a student.

That's =A330-=A350/hour - that's not student rates. If you're just after =
an experienced admin to fill in part-time, feel free to throw me a =20
line off-list. If you're just after an enthusiastic student, you can =20
probably halve your lower rate and get somebody.=

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