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Sat Oct 21 23:09:46 BST 2006

Free BSD Graphics Card

I am running FreeBSD on a number of servers, however I
am now looking to launch a commercial product on
FreeBSD. FreeBSD generally installs X Windows but
sometimes it fails. In this case I am not selling the
machine but providing a service on an ongoing
maintenance basis. This means that I must be able to
build new FreeBSD servers on a timescale.

What I need to know is which graphics card can I buy
that will support X Windows where that motherboard is
supporting FreeBSD. I don't have a problem with
FreeBSD itself only X-Windows. I had previously worked
on the principle that the GeForce 4000 would always be
OK. When I purchased the latest one it did not work.
The selling company seemed to realise that this could
be the case as they stated that it was possible that
one GeForce 4000 was not the same as another - in any
case they were correct, it failed.

I do not wish to do anything other that put the board
in. This worked before with GeForce. I know that there
are drivers for some cards but it is confusing to
install these so I want a supported board.

Any information on this subject would be very much
appreciated, specifically the name of a board and
online supplier that can offer it would be great. All
the lists I have contain only boards that are not
available and all suppliers have never heard of

I am using FreeBSD 6.1

Thanks in advance


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>    1. For Sale: Sangoma S518 PCI ADSL card (Simon
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> Subject: For Sale: Sangoma S518 PCI ADSL card
> From: Simon Dick <simond at>
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> Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 17:08:46 +0100
> Hope nobody minds me posting this on here, but if
> anyone's interested in
> a FreeBSD compatible PCI ADSL card I have a spare
> Sangoma S518 card (the
> old style, ie big card, the newer ones apparently
> don't work under
> FreeBSD). I got it to try to get it working under
> pfSense but never got
> the time so got a ethernet pppoe capable "modem"
> instead. I'm willing to
> sell this for =A360 plus a fiver p&p which will get
> you special delivery
> within the uk.
> If this isn't wanted here then I'll post on ebay
> next :)
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