Fwd: Re: FTP stopped working

tomasz dereszynski tomaszd at paraklet.net
Tue Nov 28 10:02:13 GMT 2006

> Hello

> I have a LAN with 
>         FreeBSD 5.3 PC webserver        (
>         WinXP development machine       (
>         DLink Router/Switch             (

> For well over a year I have been using SmartFTP v1.5 to move files back and
> forth between the FreeBSD server and the WinXP development box. Today
> (Monday) SmartFTP wouldn't work and I'm trying to understand why, and fix
> it. Running FTP from a DOS prompt also doesn't work today, although I've not
> had any problem moving files that way previously.

> I can ping back and forth between the machines, also retrieve web pages from
> the server over the LAN. Both boxes are able to communicate with the outside
> world via the DLink router with no problem.

> The only significant event I can think of since the system (including FTP)
> was working fine was a brief power outage at the weekend during nearby
> thunderstorms. This took down the server (no UPS), and also left the DLink
> needing a power-cycle to re-start it. The WinXP box has a meaty Tagan PSU,
> and didn't lose power during the outage which lasted barely a second.

> When I try to connect (either with SmartFTP or DOS prompt FTP) I get:
> "Connected to"
> then the system seems to hang.
> After 20 seconds or so I get
> "Connection closed by remote host."

> Looking at what is happening on the FreeBSD box:
> (ftpd was being started by inetd, but I'm now starting it during bootup from
> /etc/rc.local as part of trying to solve this issue.)

> At startup
> netstat -naf inet
> shows the system LISTENing on port 21.

> After an FTP connection attempt 
> netstat -naf inet
> shows the connection ESTABLISHED with the WinXP box correctly identified
> using port 21

> After about 20 seconds (when the connection times out?)
> netstat -naf inet
> shows CLOSE_WAIT

> Looking back through /var/logs/xferlog 
> I can see that the response from the FreeBSD box to an FTP connection
> request is usually
> FTP LOGIN FROM as [username]
> but during efforts today that LOGIN log entry is not being generated.

> The username and pw used by SmartFTP are valid - I can use them to login at
> the FreeBSD console with no problem. The WinXP machine is included in the
> FreeBSD box 'hosts' file with the correct network address.

> Can anyone suggest further tests I might try to diagnose and fix this?
> Is it straightforward to try to recompile/reinstall ftpd on its own?
> I'd prefer to avoid a complete FreeBSD reinstall, as nothing else appears to
> be broken.

> Many thanks for any helpful suggestions

> Charles B

try debug mode - add '-d' to /etc/inetd.conf - and killall -HUP inetd
(if u'd like to investigate 'why?').
in other way change it to proftpd (ports or source) and run it as
'standalone' as ftp server should work

bEsT rEgArDs,
tomasz dereszynski
gg 2262877

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