FreeBSD and Sat Navs

Dave Gallagher david.gallagher at
Fri Nov 24 23:49:49 GMT 2006

On Friday 24 November 2006 06:26, you wrote:
> On 24 Nov 2006, at 00:05, Dave Gallagher wrote:
> > I assume they can all work perfectly fine standalone without ever =A0
> > coming
> > within spitting distance of a PC, but many seem to have USB =A0
> > connectors,
> > bluetooth, memory cards etc so would like to make sure I don't end =A0
> > up with a
> > pig in a poke.
> Hi Dave,
> I've got one of the older (read not this years) Tomtoms (go300 to be =A0
> exact) and that's one of the ones with a USB connector. =A0As far as to =
> if you can manage it from FreeBSD, it comes down very much to what =A0
> you want to do....
> The device itself mounts exactly as you would a USB PenDrive, so =A0
> anything that involves copying files around (adding new voices, =A0
> speedcamera databases, etc) will work pretty simply (the device =A0
> itself runs a form of arm-linux with a bluez bluetooth stack so if =A0
> you have any inclination in that direction you can probably fiddle =A0
> with stuff). =A0However the automagic software updaterer only runs on =A0
> Windows and OS X, which isn't a problem for me, as I have an OS X =A0
> box, but if you wanted to keep with the latest software versions I =A0
> suspect it will suck under BSD.
> Feel free to prod me on or off list if you want some more indepth =A0
> kind of answer. =A0I suspect that my info may well be redundent as =A0
> Tomtom are not the only player in the market and the specific model =A0
> I'm talking about is probably not the right one to go for anymore.

Thanks for the pointers Lee.  I'm considering some of the lower end tomtom=
devices as well as a cheap garmin one I've been pointed at (about =A399). =
Surprisingly, Sat Navs appear to be one of those device classes yet to make=
it into mainstream geekland.  Maybe not enough geeks go outside often enoug=
to need one? :-)

I do run a WindowsXP box here too so TBH, it's that much of an issue which =
I use to update/access the device although I do try to get items which I ca=
use on FreeBSD whereever possible.  Getting one which can be used as a UMAS=
device is probably the best option ATM although I'll do some more research=
into what, if any, Linux support there might be.


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