FreeBSD and Sat Navs

Dave Gallagher david.gallagher at
Fri Nov 24 00:05:44 GMT 2006

I've decided I need (want!!) a Sat. Nav.

I'll not go into all the gory details of why the sudden decision other than to 
moan about "Clear" road atlases only being "clear" because they left out all 
the small villages which doesn't make them much use when it's a small village 
one is trying to find.

Anyway, I've got no idea what sat nav systems are available or why they might 
need to be attached to a PC at times or if there's any benefit to it being 
attachable to a PC.

So, instead of going off and finding dozens if not hundreds of different deals 
I thought I'd start by asking if anyone here uses one and if it's worth 
looking for one which can be updated/adjusted/fiddled with or whatever via 

I assume they can all work perfectly fine standalone without ever coming 
within spitting distance of a PC, but many seem to have USB connectors, 
bluetooth, memory cards etc so would like to make sure I don't end up with a 
pig in a poke.

Money *is* an object in this case. :-)

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