Fwd: FreeBSD system administrator needed

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Fri Nov 17 09:08:21 GMT 2006

This went to -jobs, but as the timezone hits us 8am-4pm perfectly, I  
figured some of you on the UK list hoping to escape the rat race of  
your current job in the New Year might want a heads up. Nothing to do  
with me, I'm just the forwarder...

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Shawn O'Connor <soconnor at falconknight.com>
> Date: 16 November 2006 20:01:19 GMT
> To: freebsd-jobs at freebsd.org
> Subject: FreeBSD system administrator needed
> Hi Guys,
> I've resisted posting a message to the mailing list until now  
> because I wanted this to be a somewhat informal process.  That  
> said, let me try to summarize what we're looking for in an off-the- 
> cuff manner:
> We are a server management company and we are looking for a system  
> administrator that has a love for FreeBSD.  As a company, we have a  
> real passion for FreeBSD and we've tried to roll out FreeBSD to our  
> clients whenever possible-- to date, it's been extremely successful  
> and all but two machines are running FreeBSD.
> We are looking for someone to work in the 10pm to 6am PST shift.   
> Job responsibilities would include answering trouble tickets and  
> doing upgrades on the FreeBSD operating systems and ports.  Typical  
> ports would include: postfix, apache, mysql, postgresql, perl and  
> perl modules, cyrus imapd and its evil cousin sasl.
> For this job, you can work from wherever you want.  I'd personally  
> prefer someone who's timezone would coincide with this shift, but  
> if you're a zombie and are up at this time of the night that's fine  
> too.  As you can work from wherever, one of the primary  
> requirements of whomever has this job is that they are a self- 
> starter, dependable, and willing and able to work without a lot of  
> hand holding.  References are a must.
> Please forward your resume to jobs at falconknight.com.
> Kind regards,
> Shawn O'Connor
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