Brighton Chilli

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at
Fri Nov 10 11:34:20 GMT 2006

v0.002 is up on the site available for download
(torrent comming soon)

This new release contains the following changes:
Added support for WPA & 802.11i to the kernel
Added support for Atheros chipset cards to the kernel
Fixed a typo in chilli.conf (chilli should redirect to the right file now)
Patch for chillispots hotspotlogin.cgi to enable it to work with lighttpd
Move the cgi-bin directory to /var mfs so that it's on a writable FS
allowing hotspotlogin.cgi to be edited
Added chillispot to rc.conf
Serial console redirection now works
Changed the loader logo to beastie

There is no installation involved, just boot up a PC/doorstop off the CD
& issue some basic commands to get yourself up & running, check out the
setup guide (Serving Chilli for 4) to see what's involved

"The truth, the half-truth, and nothing like the truth." - Mark Brandon Read

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