[RESEND] Reminder: That BSD thing, you know, yeah, that one...

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Tue Nov 7 15:20:42 GMT 2006

[It looks like this didn't head out last time. Apologies if it did  
land in the right places and this is a duplicate]

Just a reminder that this very evening a small group of geeky, pointy- 
hatted, t-shirt loving Unix fools shall be gathering in a corner of  
the public house known to all as The Briton's Protection.

Located on Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, it will serve host  
to the Manchester BSD User Group Thingy-Ma-Jig today the 7th  
November, because as any fule kno, tis the first Tuesday of the month.

"Things" will commence at approximately 7pm-7:30pm, with a fizzling  
out of proceedings anticipated around 9pm-9:30pm. I, for one, will be  
bailing at 9 on the dot. Others may wish to continue their perverted  
talk of OpenBSD releases until much later into the night.


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