OT: Computer hell

Frank Shute frank at esperance-linux.co.uk
Mon Nov 6 23:16:33 GMT 2006

I've had a terrible time of things with computers over the past couple
of weeks and I have to get it off my chest.

First off, my broadband connection just died all of a sudden.
Rebooting router, changing routers didn't help and after about 5 days
of desperate efforts to get it going, I tried logging in again and it

My suspicion is the router. It's a crappy Netgear thing (the other one
is a crappy Linksys thing) that looks like it has been thrown
together. The firmware is confusing - how the hell is Joe Bloggs
supposed to work it if I struggle?

It's stopped doing DHCP now for no reason whatsoever so I've had to
stuff around with ifconfig and route.

Curses on Netgear and all there infernal doings!

Anyway, I remembered that my beloved server was still set up for dial
up, so changing the monitor, keyboard and mouse over and digging out
the modem I was in business. This is where I learnt that a dial-up
connection to the 'net is really no longer adequate nowadays. I had
900 emails to pick up and all my regular websites were incredibly slow
to load. 

At least I could do a bit of banking and pick up my mail....until my
server blew up....

It just froze, so I decided to reboot it. It wouldn't reboot! I
haven't investigated it but the old server had the most baroque
boot-up procedure imaginable. I think first it booted into the NT
bootloader on disk 1, then into grub on an old Linux installation on
disk 1 and finally the BSD loader on disk 2. I've got a feeling disk 1
has died.

Not to worry I thought, that old machine had an uptime of over a year
and its 4.11 installation was coming to the end of it's life anyway.
So time to fix up the laptop (300MHz 128MB) as my next server with a
fresh install of 6.1 on it.

Fortunately, I had backups on my workstation for my site but it was
still a PITA to install again from scratch.

I think it's working but it's giving me a good deal of a hard time
when it comes to testing it. The php scripts work if I come in using
the IP address but only some of them work if I use the FQDN (?!) It's
been driving me nuts all day.

Would folks be good enough to visit a few of my pages to see whether
the pages parse? Could you test out:

http://www.esperance-linux.co.uk/spokeDB.html (try a query)

Many thanks in advance and thanks for listening to me moaning :)

PS. If the php pages don't parse, anybody know what the problem is?



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