Ports and wget

Szymon Roczniak simon at dischaos.com
Mon Nov 6 13:28:33 GMT 2006

On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 01:16:26PM +0000, Steve Nelson wrote:


> However I get "No route to host" messages if I try to use ports.  Does
> the ports system not use wget?  Or does it have a local wgetrc which
> over-rides the one I have changed?

I think that ports use fetch(1) not wget. Try adding your proxy settings to
/etc/csh.cshrc like this (if you use [t]csh as your shell):

setenv HTTP_PROXY http://your.proxy.server:port
setenv FTP_PROXY http://your.proxy.server:port

or set these variables by hand and try using your ports again.

szymon roczniak 

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