unattended disk clone

Spadge spadge at fromley.net
Wed Nov 1 23:49:19 GMT 2006

Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> Hi,
> I asked this question on questions@ but didn't get a reply so hoping my 
> luck might be better here.
> I'm running dump/restore in a script to clone disks. For each partition 
> restore stops and asks me if I want to
> set owner/mode for '.'? [y/n]
> Can I somehow avoid this prompt so that the script is completely 
> automatic? I'm sure the answer ought to be simple and obvious but I 
> can't see it.
> Thanks
> Chris

Heh, I have no idea, but I have to say ... if I need to clone disks, I 
usually just use rsync. It may not be the fastest thing out there, but 
it's pretty sturdy.

Someone's probably going to tell me I'm wrong to, though ... ;)

from man restore:

      -r      Restore (rebuild a file system).  The target file system 
should be made pristine with newfs(8), mounted and the user cd(1)'d into 
the pristine file system before starting the restoration of the initial 
level 0 backup.  If the level 0 restores successfully, the -r flag may 
be used to restore any necessary incremental backups on top of the level 
0.  The -r flag precludes an interactive file extraction and can be 
detrimental to one's health if not used carefully (not to mention the disk).

Is that what you're doing? What flags are you using in the dump/restore 


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