Manchester BSD User Group - November 7th

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Nov 1 12:52:02 GMT 2006

Manchester BSD Unix User Group Meeting - 7th November 2006


The start of my diary entry from last month's meeting:

"The first thing I noticed was her eyes. Actually, that's a lie: I =20
noticed her pert breasts and perfect bottom long before I noticed her =20=

eyes, but I was never going to tell her that - especially as she was =20
a stripper giving me a lap-dance and would probably appreciate a =20
comment about her eyes right about now."

Now, I'm not promising any future attendees that the evening will =20
descend into lap-dancing or debauchery of any kind, but we can at =20
least aim for that, eh?

In fact, last month was a quiet, amiable affair on the whole. I =20
learnt that Beetham Tower looks a bit like a USB flash drive from =20
Gorton. Pete learnt that The Briton's Protection is nowhere near =20
Kilburn Building and that Oxford Road is a nice place on a warm =20
evening to walk. Two new attendees learnt we don't lie when we say =20
it's a bunch of guys in a pub having a drink and talking Unix-related =20=

nonsense. Bob (re-)learnt on the way home about the delights of =20
drunken consumption of Fish'n'Chips. We all learnt Sam is about to =20
start selling MUGSS tickets again soon - and we're scared. I learnt =20
my diary entries have no bearing on the reality of what actually =20
occurred that day.

A lot of learning going on, see? You might even be able to expense =20
the drinks if you attend and put it down as "Continuous Professional =20


You might think this is just another GeekUp event. It isn't - for =20
starters, it's smaller, half a dozen guys normally. It's been going =20
longer. It is ostensibly dedicated to BSD Unix, but normally we drift =20=

off-topic very easily. We do all know what real ports and what a =20
real /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ looks like though. :-)

This month, topics to discuss might include:

- FreeBSD virtualisation - I need some.
- Openfiler
- Amazon EC2 - WTF don't they support BSD, the gits...
- The general resurgence of geekery in Manchester
- More Code Golf and the Code Golf meetup on the 11th
- I have =A33,000 to spend in January on tech. What do I buy?
- Christmas gift wishlists that nobody you love will buy anything from
- Why going out drinking in town with your laptop is a bad idea, and =20
will cost you a =A3100 in replacement screen parts
- Writing a 50,000 word novel in a month (
- The UMIST (sorry, 'Manchester University North Campus') Beer =20
Festival starting the very next day


We hold our meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at The =20
Briton's Protection on Great Bridgewater Street. The next meeting is =20
NEXT TUESDAY at 7:30pm.

All welcome, although if you're not into Unix you might just think =20
we're all a bit weird. If you turn up with a Windows or Linux laptop, =20=

we reserve the light to engage in light, mocking banter, but we'll =20
love you for caring, all the same.


Right now, I'm in, and I have a definite 'no' from a regular =20
attendee. If others could give me an 'aye' or 'nay' I'd be grateful.

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