June, Manchester, UK BSDUG - CHANGE OF VENUE!

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Wed May 31 15:46:28 BST 2006

Due to the change in venue this month, I've cc'ed in freebsd-chat as  
well so that the occasional lurkers pick up on it. Also 'discovered' - 
user-groups which will be included on future monthly posts. Apologies  
for cross-posting so heavily this time around.

Manchester, UK BSD User Group Meeting - Tuesday 6th June

The next Manchester, UK BSD User Group meeting will take place, as  
ever, on the first Tuesday of the month. That's this coming Tuesday,  
the 6th June.

We will be meeting this month at The Briton's Protection, 50 Great  
Bridgewater Street, Manchester. Details here:


This is a change from the Sandbar where we normally meet because:

a) Sandbar has got popular, noisy and pricey
b) It's the summer, and if the weather is nice the Briton's has a  
beer garden
c) Change is as good as a rest

It is proposed that we move the meeting on a regular basis now, and  
there will be some discussion about doing other things in coming  
months that don't involve sitting in a pub. Favourite contender:  
annoying staff at the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre... :-)

What is this meeting?

For the last few years, various BSD (and more recently Apple and  
Linux) fans have been meeting in the various pubs of Manchester to  
supposedly discuss BSD and Unix in general. What actually happens is  
we normally get a little drunk and argue over in-car satellite  
navigation systems/high-end audio kit/anything else Dave has taken an  
interest in. It's very much a social affair, but topics of  
conversation this month are likely to include:

- What projects to work on whilst avoiding the World Cup
- What media centre kit to build if you don't want to avoid the World  
- Macbook keyboards: WTF?
- Seriously cheap SAN kit
- Mad ideas for apps to write in Rails
- The big secret to getting Rails to deploy properly on FreeBSD!
- Absent friends

The conversations are often non-technical, very geeky/autistic and  
normally relaxed and friendly. Newbies are welcome but we might make  
fun of your MCSE.

If you're expecting formal talks, overhead projectors and Q&A  
sessions, you will be disappointed. We go to the pub, sometimes only  
3 of us turn up, we drink beer, talk nonsense and the only thing that  
unites the people there is the fact we know what 'rm -rf /' does.  
Please, please do not travel hundreds of miles just to come to the  
pub with us - if you're yearning for a proper UK meetup, let me know  
and we'll sort something out for the end of the Summer which is  
worthy of travelling long distances for.

When is this meeting?

The meeting always happens the first Tuesday of the month. That means  
the next one is the 6th June, and the one after that will probably be  
the 4th July.

As the 4th July date obviously involves lots of pubs forgetting  
Britain actually lost that war and 'celebrating' it as if they were  
American anyway, we might move it... oh, and there's something called  
a 'World Cup Semi-Final' on that night as well, which might make it a  

We may also consider getting together on other dates over the Summer  
if people are interested in doing 'other stuff'.

Where is this meeting? A Pub?!

This is a social event, so we meet in a social setting. This month  
we're going to give the Briton's Protection a go. It's an old-style  
English pub with a couple of 'lounges' around the back of the bar -  
we'll probably be in one of those back rooms (or if it is warm and  
sunny, in the beer garden). More details about the pub are here:


If the Briton's is closed, over-crowded or for any reason  
unavailable, we will instead converge on the Rain Bar, approximately  
100 yards from the Briton's:


If you're not sure where you're heading, mail me off-list or contact  
somebody on manchester at bsdgroups.org.uk who will be happy to give you  
directions or even a phone number to check in with us.

If you're trying to find us for the first time, we look like Unix  
sysadmins - blokes who look a little pale and unfamiliar with healthy  
food - but if new people are planning on showing up and give me a  
heads up, I'll try and make it more obvious who we are.

How do I know when more of these meetings will happen?

You can keep in touch by typing 'subscribe manchester' into an email  
sent to majordomo at bsdgroups.org.uk (low-traffic general co-ordination  
list), or keep an eye on the website here:


This page is a little out-of-date right now (showing the old venue),  
but I will try and get that sorted soon.

Anything else?

I know for a fact that 2 regular attendees will not be coming this  
month (Sam and Pete). If those planning on showing up can give me a  
head-up, I can do a body count. Normally if we don't get at least 3  
people agreeing to show, we cancel. Therefore, a quick mail to me  
would be useful and I'll send out an update to all people who check  
in 24 hours before the meeting to confirm it's going ahead or not.

Also, as I'm not sub'ed to -chat or -user-groups normally, if you  
need to get in touch please do so off-list or to  
manchester at bsdgroups.org.uk - thanks!

Hope to see you there!

- Paul Robinson

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