Unreadable posts

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Tue May 23 00:31:12 BST 2006

> Not a complaint as such, but I can't read these messages.
> They just show up as a load of garbage - example below :-
> aWYgeW91IGhhdmUgYSBsb29rIGF0IG1hbiBhdGgsIHlvdSB3b3VsZCBzZWUgdGhhdCB0aGUgV0c1
> YSBsaXR0bGUgY29uZnVzaW5nIC4uLiBoYXMgTmV0Z2VhciBjaGFuZ2VkIHRoZQpjaGlwIHdpdGgg

Are you using a text email reader by any chance ? I use normal command line
email and have the same problem. If you use a graphical email client, or
pipe it through metamail from porst, then it reads fine. It usually happens
when the sended is using a non-ASCII characterset.


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