My slides from BSDCan2006, FreeBSD Developer Summit (fwd)

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Sat May 20 18:15:22 BST 2006

Not sure if anyone here is interested, but since there was discussion about 
what (if any) FreeBSD stuff happens in the UK, I figured I'd forward this 
over.  Quite a bit of FreeBSD work happens on my desk(s) in Cambridge. :-)

Yahoo! recently sent me a rather nice dual-core, dual-processor amd64 HP 
server, which has fans like a jet engine.  For those interested, the 
conversation went something like this:

<Yahoo> How come you target all your work at [low end machines]?
<rwatson> Because I don't have any high-end hardare.
<Yahoo> Oh.

It took about a week to extract from customs, but has all been going well from 
there.  :-)

Robert N M Watson

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Subject: My slides from BSDCan2006, FreeBSD Developer Summit

For those interested:

20060511-devsummit-network-cabal-summary.pdf - Notes from the 10 May 2006 
Meeting of the Network Stack Cabal (Developer Summit)

20060511-devsummit-smpng-network-summary.pdf - SMPng Network Stack Update 
(Developer Summit)

20060511-devsummit-trustedbsd-mac-framework-retrofit.pdf - TrustedBSD Project 
Update (Developer Summit)

20060512-bsdcan2006-how-freebsd-works.pdf - How the FreeBSD Project Works 
(BSDCan 2006 Full Conference)

Robert N M Watson
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