Keith McKenzie keith at
Fri May 19 23:03:06 BST 2006

k k  wrote :-
> what kind of modem do you have?

Thanks for your interest.....

 I have a SupraExpress 56i Pro (Rockwell chipset) in one, and an Askey 
Magnia SG20 (Lucent Winmodem) in the other. The Askey will hopfully work 
with the ltmodem package, and the SupraExpress should work straight off.

I haven't got around to trying to set up *BSD ppp yet, as I fiddle with 
quite a few different operating systems (purely as a hobby). I may do a bit 
of scripting and/or programming, if the mood takes me, (nothing serious 

I also dual, triple, and multi boot my machines as the fancy takes me, (I 
guess I just have a bit of a grasshopper mindset). I suppose, I see 
computing as my equivalent of a crossword puzzle.....


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