net/pppoa speedtouch 330 USB Bulldog ADSL FreeBSD-6.1

Spadge spadge at
Fri May 19 21:58:15 BST 2006

Phil Cartledge wrote:
> Hi
> To save your sanity and your hair, bin the usb modem, you don't want to 
> end up mad and bald like me :O).   IMHO they are cheap and nasty pieces 
> of equipment that relies on the windows drivers and pc to do the most of 
> the work.  The majority of Broadband problems (excluding miss 
> configuration) I deal with at work are caused by these usb modems - and 
> that's running through Windows.  Try this product it's good value and 
> I've had no problems with them, also it does not rely on drivers, just 
> configure it over your favourite web browser, save the configuration and 
> away you go. I've installed over 20  of these and no faults so far; 3 on 
> Linux systems using Firefox - not tried on FreeBSD but don't expect any 
> problems.
> Hope this helps.
> Phil

Thanks for that.

I'm not actually looking to buy any more hardware, and I'm not
interested in putting a router in front of the FreeBSD gateway at all.

I'd be potentially interested if it were possible to turn off the
NAT/DHCP/Firewall completely, and run it as an ethernet modem only, but
even then I'm not immensely eager to spend more cash that I don't have.

Cheers anyway though.


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