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Adrian Wontroba aw1 at stade.co.uk
Wed May 17 08:12:30 BST 2006

I used to assiduously upgrade my ports, keeping fully up to date. This
took an enormous amount of time, especially when there were sweeping
changes taking place, as appears to be the case at present.

Nowadays, I update just the bare minimum. If that. If it aint broke ...

Oh yes - me.

A programmer since 1969 (yes, a BOF), in a slew of languages, most long
forgotten, or deserving of being such. Nowadays my main programming
language is Perl. But a Real Programmer can write Fortran in any
language. [A very old joke]

Ditched SCO Open Desktop for FreeBSD 2.something for my own UN*X

At work, sneaking FreeBSD boxes into an otherwise Windows set upon a
horses for courses basis.

Thinks: Must tidy / switch this mail file - it goes back to 2000. All
your posts since then belong me. Especially if activity is on the

Adrian Wontroba
"anything that works is better than anything that doesn't"

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