Why did I join the list...

Keith McKenzie keith at gnutux2.fsnet.co.uk
Mon May 15 23:37:30 BST 2006

Greetings All
                    I think it's a nice idea of Paul Robinson's, but it 
might get boring.....

For me it all started back in the mid nineties, when I heard of Linux, but I 
only got my hands on a copy in '98. Through my fiddling around with that, I 
just got interested in operating systems. At first I didn't know there was a 
free 'unix', but after hearing, I was on the look out for it. My first 
encounter was with FreeBSD 4.8 (the standard CD issue, I think); but no 
spreadsheet or music!

I joined the list because after having had a go at 4.8 & 5.4 I aquired a 
copy of 6.0 that had a collection of Packages included on the DVD cover disk 
of a certain Linux magazine. This was the first time I had set up a useful 
(to me) system of BSD. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy working at the command 
line, in fact, I tend to prefer it; but a home setup needs a spreadsheet in 
my opinion, & most simple setups don't supply one. Having said that, I also 
listen to music on my PC, & I have managed to get that by installing the 
Meta Package of Gnome. I would have been happy to just have oggutils, but it 
didn't want to 'play' ball :-(

Perhaps I shouldn't say this on this list, but I still use msdos at times 
because it is still capable of doing some of the simple things that I want 
at times, (a 'complete' system on a floppy). Also, as of this writing, I am 
still needing M$ to use my modem. (Hope to change this sometime, but I'm not 

Anyway, I'm here to learn anything you good folks might impart to us lesser 
mortals :-)

(I would also like to thank everyone who has made it possible for me to 
indulge in my 'hobby')


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