What we're doing with FreeBSD (was Re: Newbies or trolls?)

John Murphy sub02 at freeode.co.uk
Tue May 16 16:34:25 BST 2006

Great to see a bit more activity on this mailing list, and always interesting
to read how people are using and developing FreeBSD.  I feel quite guilty
that I get so much out of the OS, but contribute (next to) nothing.  I did
buy a version (3.0 + power pack) once and I helped with the proof reading of
Annelise Anderson's 'FreeBSD - An Open-Source Operating System For Your
Personal Computer', but nothing since.

It runs 24/7 on my Soekris Net4801 as gateway/firewall/mailserver etc. and
I've recently installed a PCI wireless card and configured ipsec and racoon
for its security.  Its power consumption is less than 3 Watts, which is cool.
I've been trying to get a D-Link DWL-650+ card working on my laptop using the
acx100 driver in ports, without success, but I haven't given up yet!

The laptop dual boots '6.1 and win2k and the card works with the latter,
but it's not the same...

I keep finding new wonders: tcsh's 'tab' file name completion was always
quite impressive, but I only just realised it works in the ftp client as
well.  Its history mechanism is very fine, except when I type 'ex' and
forget to up-arrow before I hit return and find myself in the ex editor,
which I can never seem to get out of without leaving it running in the
background.  Even a kill -HUP doesn't stop it.  I should read its man page!

Another wonderful feature I noticed recently: I had edited /etc/rc.conf
and while doing something else I received an email from 'operator' cron
daemon, warning me I had left an 'Unterminated quoted string' at line 53.

I'm impressed.  Many thanks to all contributers.


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