What we're doing with FreeBSD (was Re: Newbies or trolls?)

Gary Hendricks bsdmail at project415.org
Mon May 15 21:31:59 BST 2006

What I do with FreeBSD.

I currently have about 6 boxen running various things here at home, some 
being boxen i try something out in case it trashes a live box, which I 
must admit it is quite hard to break something badly.

These range from smtp,pop, webmail, www, proxy etc and of course a 
multimedia server hosting a bucket load of mp3 collections.
I have one server dedicated for just streaming media for internal use only.

Since I travel a lot, i like to have access to my own music and tv 
programs dumped from my pvr.

By far the most useful thing is jails. I have a number of them handy 
when i really want to try and break things.

About the only linux thing I have is my smoothie. This is due to be 
replaced by monowall, a BSD based system.

For work I mostly use Solaris and Microsoft's Services for Unix which is 
also a bsd based system on which our products are installed on.


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