Newbies or trolls?

Tim McCormick tim at
Mon May 15 20:33:46 BST 2006

> I've been installing it in commercial environments since 2.2.7 with all
> the usual sys-admin work that goes along with it, I don't much like it
> as a desktop although I have installed it several times as an XServer to
> diskless workstations and before Tim says try PCBSD, got it, I'm running
> it and this email is being sent from it , just wish I understood KDE as
> well as I do Gnome.

Haha, hope I don't mention it too much. I'm obviously slightly biased. 
Actually, what'd be great for anyone currently running PC-BSD, or about to 
would be if you could send me a bit of constructive criticism, indicate 
features you'd like to see and the things which annoy you most.

We're about to sit down and drum out a rough path to 2.0, as well as the much 
closer (although not that close either) 1.1 release.

So now's your chance to influence our todo lists a bit.

> I do hope this group does not go back to sleep for a week or two before
> we have another posting fest

Agreed. Been nice to see it so active in the last couple of days. I'm just 
sorry I don't post as much as I should.

So, whilst we're spamming the list with what we're up to, I suppose I'd better 
let you know about me.

For those that don't know, I'm a 'PC-BSD System Developer', one of a very 
small team and the first developer that was attracted to the team. I use 
FreeBSD every day as my desktop machine, although not as a server. I run 
OpenBSD on that, considering migrating though, anyone have any thoughts on 

I run PC-BSD 1.0rc2 on here (not the latest I know, I should probably upgrade) 
which is based on FreeBSD 6.0. We've very recently released PC-BSD 
1.0-RELEASE and we're fairly pleased with it at the moment. We're entering a 
quiet patch as we plan for the future but I'll start to pick up the pace a 
bit again soon.



Tim McCormick
tim at

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