Newbies or trolls?

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Tue May 16 02:58:22 BST 2006

Paul Robinson wrote:

> In the last week I've noticed an upsurge in traffic on this list of 
> people who appear to be incredibly new to Unix in general and BSD in 
> particular. I'm just querying this sudden influx - has something 
> 'happened' to cause it, or is this a trolling campaign?
> Anybody else getting a funny feeling about this?
Somewhere back in the dim mists of pre-history in the days of FreeBSd 
2.x I seem to recall quite a few none UK users popping in to ask 
questions, that was when anyone could post to the list without being a 
It could be that the response time on here is better than other groups 
or it could be that people don't like the, "sometimes", rtfm attitude 
seen on the news groups. We used to have a much higher level of mail 
back then and the members of this group were always helpful and if it is 
trolls looking for BSD bad mouthing of new users, Linux or Redmond I 
think they will be disappointed.

As we also seem to be including a "what I do with BSD" in this topic 
here goes.

I've been installing it in commercial environments since 2.2.7 with all 
the usual sys-admin work that goes along with it, I don't much like it 
as a desktop although I have installed it several times as an XServer to 
diskless workstations and before Tim says try PCBSD, got it, I'm running 
it and this email is being sent from it , just wish I understood KDE as 
well as I do Gnome.

I do hope this group does not go back to sleep for a week or two before 
we have another posting fest


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