Newbies or trolls?

Frank Shute frank at
Mon May 15 18:27:27 BST 2006

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 01:18:45PM +0100, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On 15 May 2006, at 13:02, Dan Nicholls wrote:
> >Firstly...what's a troll?
> OK, now I'm worried...
> If you're genuinely in the dark over what I meant, I meant that I was  
> wondering if some people had come here asking dumb questions on  
> purpose in order to provoke an angry "RTFM" kind of response. We  
> don't mind dumb questions (everybody has to start somewhere), it's  
> just the nature and frequency of them in the last week or two which  
> has some of us asking what is going on.

I think it's just an anomaly.

> If there was a big recent Slashdot story (I don't read it any more,  
> so wouldn't know), maybe we're just getting a bunch of guys who are  
> looking to go to Uni in the autumn who for obvious reasons, wouldn't  
> have been here a few years ago. In which case, cool. Just want a  
> heads up where the traffic is coming from so we don't start getting  
> all cynical...

I don't know whether Slashdot is giving BSD more coverage than usual
but my general impression is that there is a lot more people trying
out & running FreeBSD....after all it's a better Linux than Linux 
(now *that's* a troll ;)

Certainly more people than a few years ago are running it or at least
trying it.

> Weird that the UK list is getting so many mails from people whose  
> first language doesn't appear to be English, but maybe that's just  
> the way 18-year olds talk these days. :-)

I've always kind of assumed that foreign folks don't necessarily have
a mailing list in their own country hence they use ours; I also think a
lot of people find the questions list too high traffic.

> >Secondly...I chose BSD over Linux because none of the Linux  
> >distributions that I've tried over the past few months have
> >covered everything that I want my computer to do.
> With the greatest of respect, it may be that FreeBSD will be the same  
> - we're just better at being a Unix environment than Linux is, IMHO.  
> It's particularly good in my experience as a server environment, less  
> so for the desktop. YMMV. I hope you get it the way you want it. If  
> you have an idea of what it is you want to do exactly, you might get  
> more feedback on whether it's possible.

I use FreeBSD both as server and desktop and it shines in both IMNSHO.
Depends if you're happy with unixy apps I guess.

> I'm glad there are new people around, but the sudden influx all in  
> one go feels a little iffy to me right now.
> Perhaps if everybody who joined the list in the last few weeks could  
> give us a short intro as to what made them take up FreeBSD as a  
> project right now like Dan Nicholls did?

I think a lot of people have previously given Linux a try but possibly
become croppers or been dissatisfied with it. The 2.6 kernel
development process is "interesting", a vanilla kernel that functions
seems to be a thing of the past with the distros now picking up and
polishing things off - much more so than in the past.



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