What we're doing with FreeBSD (was Re: Newbies or trolls?)

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Mon May 15 17:00:15 BST 2006

> Strange you're not seeing a performance boost - you tried running any  
> benchmarks?

I've been playing with this a lot too and sometimes it is faster, sometimes
it is slower. On the plsu side you ahve twice and many registers and
faster 64 bit ops, but on the downside you have (sort of) halved the size
of the cache and are using more memory, and hence dragging more stuff
fthe disc., plus needing to push twice as many registers when you
context switch (and each one is twice the size I guess?). Networking
speed is a bit down, as is compiling, but running encoding jobs is up.

On the other hand I saw all these arguments when we went 16->32 so I
dont really care. The future is 64 bit, so the sooner I sart cleaning
up my code the better.


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