Newbies or trolls?

Derrin Morton derrin at
Mon May 15 15:41:00 BST 2006

I agree - I don't believe language referred to is a language exclusive 
amongst the 18 year old demographic. 

As for joining the BSD community, I sadly don't have sufficient time to 
chase around looking for components, projects and instructions on how to 
build this driver or that.  It remains frustrating that I can only stick 
my toe in.  I suppose if and when drivers for hardware become available 
my productivity with my DesktopBSD installation my increase, but for now 
I must sit on the sidelines and be a Windows Monkey.   I think I will 
stick with CYGWIN for now and continue building my scripts etc in 
there.  Shame

Will keep my eyes out on posts though - some really interesting 
information has been shared.  Thanks


Jamie White wrote:
> >Weird that the UK list is getting so many mails from people whose
> >first language doesn't appear to be English, but maybe that's just
> >the way 18-year olds talk these days. :-)
> A lot of 18 year old I know do tend to use a lot of slang...
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