Newbies or trolls?

Geraint Edwards gedge-lists at
Mon May 15 15:24:24 BST 2006

Paul Robinson <paul at> said
		(on Mon, May 15, 2006 at 01:18:45PM +0100):
> Weird that the UK list is getting so many mails from people whose  
> first language doesn't appear to be English, but maybe that's just  
> the way 18-year olds talk these days. :-)

That had crossed my mind, but I didn't mention it, for fear of
sounding as much like a troll as you.  :-p

> Perhaps if everybody who joined the list in the last few weeks could  
> give us a short intro as to what made them take up FreeBSD as a  
> project right now like Dan Nicholls did?

Lead by example:  as an old-timer on this list as well as with FreeBSD,
you could explain what you've been using FreeBSD for recently.

On the very topic of eating one's own dog food:

I've been building an Opteron-based server recently, my first
FreeBSD-related foray into both 64-bit *and* dual processor
computing.  It's *not* a lot different from the 32-bit world, and
not (so far) a lot faster, either.  It is quite different,
though, financially-speaking - ahem.

Rebuilding an SMP kernel can be as simple as:
	cd /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf
	echo "options               SMP" >> FOO
	cd /usr/src
	echo "KERNCONF=FOO GENERIC" >> /etc/make.conf
	echo "CPUTYPE?=opteron" >> /etc/make.conf
	make buildkernel
	make installkernel

I also splurged out for an expensive 3ware RAID controller for
it, and that's been a source of unhappiness from this new server.
Two (of three) drives have subsequently (after several days of
running fine in the rack) gone AWOL from the controller (possibly
bad connections):

May 14 00:43:40 foo kernel: twa0: ERROR: (0x04: 0x0009): Drive timeout detected: port=0
May 14 00:43:40 foo kernel: twa0: ERROR: (0x04: 0x0002): Degraded unit: unit=0, port=0
May 14 01:00:32 foo kernel: twa0: WARNING: (0x04: 0x0019): Drive removed: port=0

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the discs just need reseating -
after the move to the rack.  The first one appears to be okay
after the same error a week before.

I'm still looking for inexpensive RAID cards to keep older hosts
going, if anyone has any suggestions.

I also found a bug in a FreeBSD port - the following didn't work
	cd /usr/ports/www/mod_chroot
	make install clean
This is because the majority of the Apache-related ports have
been moved around recently (with the apache{20,21,22} split), and
so some related modules can be considered, erm, unstable at the

I used the "send-pr" command to submit my problem report, and the
bug was fixed within days.  I used cvsup to update my source
tree, et voila!  Never forget to read /usr/src/UPDATING and

That's me for now.


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