Newbies or trolls?

Paul Robinson paul at
Mon May 15 13:18:45 BST 2006

On 15 May 2006, at 13:02, Dan Nicholls wrote:

> Firstly...what's a troll?

OK, now I'm worried...

If you're genuinely in the dark over what I meant, I meant that I was  
wondering if some people had come here asking dumb questions on  
purpose in order to provoke an angry "RTFM" kind of response. We  
don't mind dumb questions (everybody has to start somewhere), it's  
just the nature and frequency of them in the last week or two which  
has some of us asking what is going on.

If there was a big recent Slashdot story (I don't read it any more,  
so wouldn't know), maybe we're just getting a bunch of guys who are  
looking to go to Uni in the autumn who for obvious reasons, wouldn't  
have been here a few years ago. In which case, cool. Just want a  
heads up where the traffic is coming from so we don't start getting  
all cynical...

Weird that the UK list is getting so many mails from people whose  
first language doesn't appear to be English, but maybe that's just  
the way 18-year olds talk these days. :-)

> Secondly...I chose BSD over Linux because none of the Linux  
> distributions that I've tried over the past few months have
> covered everything that I want my computer to do.

With the greatest of respect, it may be that FreeBSD will be the same  
- we're just better at being a Unix environment than Linux is, IMHO.  
It's particularly good in my experience as a server environment, less  
so for the desktop. YMMV. I hope you get it the way you want it. If  
you have an idea of what it is you want to do exactly, you might get  
more feedback on whether it's possible.

I'm glad there are new people around, but the sudden influx all in  
one go feels a little iffy to me right now.

Perhaps if everybody who joined the list in the last few weeks could  
give us a short intro as to what made them take up FreeBSD as a  
project right now like Dan Nicholls did?


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