Newbies or trolls?

Dan Nicholls d.a.nicholls at
Mon May 15 13:02:45 BST 2006

In the last week I've noticed an upsurge in traffic on this list of people who appear to be incredibly new to Unix in
general and BSD in particular. I'm just querying this sudden influx - has something 'happened' to cause it, or is this a
trolling campaign?

Firstly...what's a troll?

Secondly...I chose BSD over Linux because none of the Linux distributions that I've tried over the past few months have
covered everything that I want my computer to do. The ultimate aim of me using FreeBSD is to create a desktop with
enough functionality that I can chuck Windows in the bin and buy a new machine once in a blue moon rather than the
"every 3 years" cycle I've been in. I also want to improve my technical/programming skills as I'll be (hopefully!)
graduating with a degree in Electronic Engineering in June and lots of potential employers have asked about my Unix
skills...which currently are none existent, but slowing getting better...apart from OpenOffice, so many missing

Dan :-)

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