sound card/CD player

Mark Ovens mark at
Mon May 15 11:04:49 BST 2006

Chris Rodgers wrote:
>>>Well firstly, check that your CD drive is actually connected to your
>>>sound card with one of those 4 pin/2 pin cables (analog/digital,
>>>respectively), otherwise you're never gonna hear anything! 
>> AFAICR I never connected a cable between card and drive but it works
>> in Windows in that I can play CDs and the music comes out of the sound
>> card.
> Windows XP and 2000 have a "digital" option for CD players. This means 
> that they can read in the digital audio data from the CD (effectively a 
> big WAV file) and the play that out like any other digital music through 
> the sound card.
> Does anyone know whether FreeBSD can do this?

Yes, and no. I've got 3 SCSI optical drives in an external case so I
have to use CDDA. IIRC all 3 work in Windows (but it may only be 2, not
sure) and 2 work under FreeBSD, but only in certain apps.

XMMS: doesn't support CDDA for SCSI devices - in fact IIRC it doesn't
support SCSI devices full stop. Get the error "Inappropriate ioctl for

KSCD: (in KDE) doesn't work - the CDs play but no sound.

XMCD: All 3 play CDs, but only 2 produce sound.




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