Edmund Craske edmund at
Sun May 14 16:46:14 BST 2006

Hi Andy,
I can only presume you are expecting some form of graphical environment
- this is not something that FreeBSD installs and sets up for you. All
you will get after an install is a text console. If you look at the
FreeBSD Handbook on the website, it will introduce you to the basics of
using the command line, and what you need to do to get X Windows set up.

Hope that helps,
Edmund Craske

Andy wrote:
> I recently bought a Sun Ultra 30 with the aim of using freeBSD as an
> operating system in preference to Solaris.  I downloaded the correct
> version of freebsd and burned it to disk.  The installation on the Sun
> seemed to go well and after installation I rebooted my system, entered
> my username and password.  These were accepted, and I was presented with
> an onscreen cursor, so I assume that the OS needs me to input something
> else at this point, but what?  I get the same problem when I try logging
> into the root account as well.  Am I (a unix novice) doing something
> wrong?  Is there some secret that I know nothing about, or could this
> simply be some kind of problem with my machine, which runs Solaris with
> no problems at all?
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