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Thu May 11 21:48:33 BST 2006

On Wednesday 10 May 2006 11:23, Dan Nicholls wrote:

> As you might have figured out, I'm new to FreeBSD (in fact I'm new to
> everything Unix
> ... 
> the handbook on the FreeBSD website is good but
> I can't have it in front of me as I'm playing about with FreeBSD

Just in case you're not aware, you pretty much can.

If you add something like the following to rc.conf

font8x16="cp437-8x16"   # font 8x16 from /usr/share/syscons/fonts/* (or NO).
font8x14="cp437-8x14"   # font 8x14 from /usr/share/syscons/fonts/* (or NO).
font8x8="cp437-8x8"     # font 8x8 from /usr/share/syscons/fonts/* (or NO)

the local copy of the handbook will be much more readable in  a text browser 
like  lynx. 

if you hit ctl+alt+Fn (where Fn is any function key from 1 to 8) you can 
switch between the the 8 different virtual terminals. So you can have the 
handbook open in one terminal, and be working in another, and copy and paste 
between them with the mouse.

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