Chris Rodgers freebsd-users-uk at bulk.rodgers.org.uk
Fri Mar 31 12:07:43 BST 2006

>This is a caching only box as all his major DNS information is held by his
>ISP.  He has been having alot of problem with his caching name server and
>wants to move to a Freebsd box.  
>Can anyone suggest a good safe way to carry this type of carrying out this
>operation?  I was thinking along the lines of a Freebsd box with djbdns as
>a caching name server. Would that be safe and secure for him to use?
Why not just use bind? It works pretty well "out of the box" on FreeBSD.
It would also be able to handle any DNS needed for an internal intranet
and/or dynamic DNS updates from windows PC's.


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