Reminder: Manchester BSDUG, tonight

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Mar 7 10:06:05 GMT 2006

In case you hadn't taken up our offer of a spiffy iCal feed and you  
needed a reminder, this month's Manchester BSD User Group meeting/ 
lager-digestion-symposium[*] is tonight, Tuesday the 7th March.

We will be meeting sometime around 7:30pm at the Sandbar, Grosvenor  
Street, Manchester. If you need directions, just ask.

One update from last week's posting is that we've discovered since  
then that a few of us are founding members of the Open Rights Group -  
recently founded and with a similar remit to the EFF but focused on  
the UK:

There was a plan for our May meeting to coincide with the Manchester  
ORG meeting, however because of Suw Charman's other commitments, that  
meeting is now likely to be a week or so after. I expect this evening  
there will be some discussion of the ORG meeting, which will  
hopefully be attended by more than a few Northern BSD'ers. Details  
here (but the date is wrong): 

Also, please be prepared for lots of whining tonight about  
portupgrade -a. :-)

In addition, at around 6pm tonight, I'm likely to be heading out for  
food somewhere in town and I know a couple of people straggle around  
town before the BSD meeting, so if you want to meet up for food, give  
me a shout.

See you tonight!

[*] - No lager for me: it's Lent. Come, watch me lick my lips and  
lightly sweat as I stare longingly at beautiful, cold-frosted pints  
of Krombacher and Budvar. Gasp, as I sit on my hands, nervously  
twitching towards the bar hoping to smell the waft of hoppy ale.  
Chuckle as friends check I haven't laced my soft drink with something  

Paul Robinson

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