Give a talk on FreeBSD

Chris Whitehouse chris at
Sun Mar 5 18:13:24 GMT 2006

I probably should have mentioned that the computers I look after are 
almost all desktops so I am looking for someone who could promote that 
side of FreeBSD. There could be beer :)



Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm hoping somebody out there might be interested in giving a talk on 
> FreeBSD, its place in the world of free software and how cool it is. 
> Core team and FreeBSD advocates specially welcome :)
> I founded and now look after an activists computer centre at the Rampart 
> Social Centre in east London ( I particularly wanted 
> to use FreeBSD despite the usual pressure to install linux on everything 
> and now it is running pretty smoothly.
> We are holding a day event on free and open source software and party 
> later to raise money for internet. So far the usual thing is happening 
> that all the talks and workshops are linux based and I very much want to 
> balance things up a bit. So if anyone feels able to do this please let 
> me know either on or off list.
> The event is on Sat 25th March. It would be good to know pretty soon as 
> we will be doing flyers and setting the program soon.
> Thanks
> Chris
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