Give a talk on FreeBSD

Chris Whitehouse chris at
Fri Mar 3 23:48:08 GMT 2006

Hi all

I'm hoping somebody out there might be interested in giving a talk on 
FreeBSD, its place in the world of free software and how cool it is. 
Core team and FreeBSD advocates specially welcome :)

I founded and now look after an activists computer centre at the Rampart 
Social Centre in east London ( I particularly wanted 
to use FreeBSD despite the usual pressure to install linux on everything 
and now it is running pretty smoothly.

We are holding a day event on free and open source software and party 
later to raise money for internet. So far the usual thing is happening 
that all the talks and workshops are linux based and I very much want to 
balance things up a bit. So if anyone feels able to do this please let 
me know either on or off list.

The event is on Sat 25th March. It would be good to know pretty soon as 
we will be doing flyers and setting the program soon.



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