Samba and Domain Groups

Stephen Allen freebsduk at
Thu Jun 29 21:32:44 BST 2006

I've just read a shocking statement in The Official Samba-3 HOWTO, that 
says it doesn't support nested groups.  I've read a lot of things that 
Samba can't do, which now make me question if it is the right solution 
for me.

I run a 10-workstation (all 2000/XP) network, currently with Samba as a 
standalone server.  There are obvious restrictions to this which is why 
I was looking at making Samba a PDC, but I can't really think of a 
reason why now.  The obvious benefit is centrally managed users/groups.

Does anyone have any thoughts/experience why Samba is a better choice 
than a Windows-based server (apart from it's free)?

Steve :)

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