Struggling with the basics

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Wed Jun 28 21:00:23 BST 2006

Agreed Alex.

All you need is what you put on, no hidden - strip downs required.

BSDs' approach of bottom up is almost like a firewall on exclusive deny,
instead of many linux distros exclusive allow it feels imho.

Regards Richard

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Stephen Allen wrote:
> c) bash doesn't seem to do color highlighting, eg. ls

Interestingly this is one of the first things I turn off when I log into 
a Linux box along with the other default aliases.  One of the biggest 
user experience differences I find between Linux and FreeBSD is that you 
need to turn all this stuff on with BSD (if you want it) where most 
Linux distros assume you want it on by default.  I prefer BSD's approach.

Anyhoo, welcome Stephen :)

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