Some keys don't function as they should using Putty

Edmund Craske edmund at
Tue Jun 27 18:08:57 BST 2006

Stephen Allen wrote:
> Pete French wrote:
>> Shoulnd';t have - this works on all systems I am using, from a variety
>> of different terminals. What shell are you using on the BSD box ? Does
>> it work
>> if you putty to the Linux box (where it works) and then ssh into the
>> BSD box ?
> Thanks Pete,
> At the console itself, all works as intended - but not when using Putty.
> It's strange that all my Linux boxes are ok, but every time I've set up
> a BSD box I get this behavior when using Putty.  Any idea what's causing
> it?

After some experimentation, if you go into the 'keyboard' tab under
'terminal' in the settings (you'll have to do this for all your saved
sessions!) and change the 'function keys and keypad' to 'SCO', your home
and end keys should function as expected.


> Cheers,
> Steve :)

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