Manchester (UK) BSD UG, 4th July

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Jun 27 09:43:20 BST 2006

Manchester BSD User Group - Tuesday 4th July 2006

The Manchester, UK BSD User Group will be attempting a meeting on the  
4th July at the Briton's Protection Pub on Great Bridgewater Street,  


A bunch of BSD users/sys admins/developers congregate in a public  
house in Manchester and talk about nonsense until we've had enough.  
It is rare that BSD itself is actually ever mentioned (sat nav, mp3  
players, ORG issues, the job market, etc. often take priority)

This is not a formal 'user group' meeting, and is more like a bunch  
of friends meeting down the pub - all are welcome, no matter what  
level of knowledge they have of BSD.

However, in the past, people have threatened to travel hundreds of  
miles to visit us. Please don't do that. We'll feel guilty for starters.


We've moved our regular location to the Briton's Protection in an  
attempt to find somewhere that isn't incredibly noisy. Alas, the  
Briton's (unless it's a sunny evening and we head for the beer  
garden), is incredibly dark. Darkness is better than noise. Please  
note, there are a couple of rooms behind the bar when you walk into  
the pub, so we may take a little bit of finding.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm, and we normally  
hang around until around 9-10pm. You can find details of the pub here: 

Anything else?

Attendance is patchy, and this month I might not be able to make it  
myself, therefore I ask for a heads-up on who can/can't attend. If  
there aren't enough people, the reminder notice next week will in  
fact be a cancellation notice. There aren't many of us BSD hackers in  
Manchester, so it's normal for the meeting to end up being no more  
than 3 of us.

If you're planning on turning up for the first time ever, or even the  
first time in a long while, give me a shout and we'll look out for you.

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