D-Link DE620 Network Car

Kevin O'Connor kevin at ziptek-technologies.co.uk
Sun Jun 25 02:24:32 BST 2006

I remember someone did try to write one for 4x quite while ago but I don't
think it ever got anywhere as there was a lack of interest and support for
old obscure hardware is being removed not added these days. From what I can
remember of pocket adapters in general the performance was poor to say the
If you have another box on the network to connect it to, a Laplink cable is
probably your best bet.


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> Hi
> I just wondering does the D-Link DE620 BNC Pocket Adaptor 
> work with FreeBSD? I have one of these and would like to use 
> it on the latest BSD. BTW the card connects to a paralell port!
> Jamie

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